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Yesterday was Veterans Day.   I put out my American flag.   I posted a blog entry in which I said, “thank you” to our veterans.  But, when it comes down to it, I don’t really do anything that “puts legs” on my gratitude.   Which may explain why I was pleased to come across these two campaigns that center around giving our service men and women the gratitude they so deserve.

The first is “The Gratitude Campaign.”   The  Gratitude Campaign, in the words of the founder,  offers civilians a way to say “Thank You” quickly and easily without even having to approach.   Watch this, it will explain it much better:


The second is “Operation Gratitude.”   Operation Gratitude offers civilians a tangible way of saying  “Thank You” by sending care packages to US troops.   For details, watch this video and visit the Operation Gratitude website here:



I hope these two campaigns move you to share your gratitude with our troops.   As you travel through airports during the upcoming holiday season, I hope the Gratitude Campaign will remind you of  a simple way to say thanks.   And, if you have any items on this list, I hope you will consider sending them (or some money) to Operation Gratitude.  

Giving gratitude ~ works for me!

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  1. Great job Tanya opening our eyes to these wonderful programs. And yes, who deserves our gratitude more? You and I were thinking similar things this week.

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