WFMW: More Cookie Baking Discoveries

wfmw It’s Wednesday, which means Shannon is hosting Works-For-Me-Wednesday.   Head on over to Rocks in my Dryer for a collection of fantastic ideas.

A couple of months ago, I offered this post  on cookie baking.   Since then I’ve learned a couple of other tips regarding roll out cookies.   So here they are…

When rolling the first portion of cookie dough, I had a hard time getting the flour to stick to my clean counter top.   I’ve learned that if you wipe the counter with a damp paper towel/clean towel then immediately sprinkle the counter top with flour.   The flour will stay in a layer between the cookie dough and the counter top.   This has really helped me from having cookie dough stuck on the counter top.

The second thing I’ve learned about rolling cookie dough is that when you need it to be a particular shape (i.e. a large rectangle) it is so much easier if you roll it between sheets of plastic wrap.   If one side starts to loose it’s straight edge, you can just pick up the plastic wrap and fold the dough back onto itself with no struggles.   This is particularly helpful when making the Peppermint Pinwheels recipe in this month’s Southern Living magazine.   I ended up with beautiful pinwheels.

Making cookies easier – works-for-me!

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1 thought on “WFMW: More Cookie Baking Discoveries

  1. I love baking cookies, too. So much fun to find a kindred spirit 🙂 I read your other post with cookie baking tips, and now I’m thinking I really should get one of those big ol’ cookie sheets. I also use parchment paper and love it, but never thought to get the kind that’s already precut. Hmmmm, you’ve given me some great ideas here. Thanks!

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