I’m joining in with Shannon’s Works-for-me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer.   For a multitude of solutions to a plethora of problems, stop by her blog.

I have an announcement to make:   I have not had a cold this year!   Yippie! I usually get a cold every few months or so, but not this year!   I’ve found my miracle product: Emergen-C. It’s a 1,000mg dose of Vitamin C along with a few other vitamins and minerals.   Emergen-C comes in a small packet that you mix with water.   It’s slightly effervescent, and there’s a whole slew of flavors to choose from.  

I typically take it when I start to feel a sore throat, the sniffles, or a cough coming on.   Now, I’ll admit – I am not in love with any flavor.   In fact, I don’t think they taste all that good.  BUT, I am willing to suffer for a moment, so that I don’t have to suffer for days with a cold.

Another up-side to this is that I’m not sharing my cold either.   My boys haven’t had as many colds this year either, and that Works-For-Me!  

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PS:   I just checked out the Emergen-C website.   If you click on “Share the Good”, you can send someone (or yourself) a free sample of Emergen-C. Now that REALLY works-for me! :)