No More Exploding Drink Boxes

wfmw2 I’m joining in with Shannon’s Works-for-me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer. For a multitude of solutions to a plethora of problems, stop by her blog.

I have had a love/hate relationship with juice boxes/milk boxes.   I love that it is a perfect serving of juice or milk.   I love that the boxes are convenient to take almost anywhere.   I love that they are sealed so that I don’t have to worry about storing them until they are ready to use.   BUT, I hate that they almost seem to explode in the hands of my children…

Hubby came up with the solution that stopped the boys milk box explosions.   We now use the straw to poke two holes in the top of the container which allows air flow (instead of sticky beverage flow) if the box is squeezed in the hands of a 6 or 4 year old.


For juice boxes, the design of the package prevents two holes, so we use the straw to make the existing straw hole as big as possible to allow a little bit of air flow from the container.  

These little tricks help to keep the juice or milk  from flying through the straw, out of the box, onto the ceiling of the car/breakfast room/restaurant, when it is placed in my children’s hands – and that works for me!

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4 thoughts on “No More Exploding Drink Boxes

  1. Yep, that works! Another thing that works with boxes that have flaps that hang down on the side – lift up the flaps and have your kiddos hold them instead of the box. Then they don’t squeeze the box. Of course, my boys haven’t gotten the hang of it and squeeze the box anyway. Oh, well.

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