Apple Slice Pancakes

I promised the boys that we could have something different for breakfast a couple of weeks ago.  After perusing Pinterest for days on end, er, a couple of minutes, I found this idea.  It’s apple slices dipped in pancake batter, then cooked on the griddle. Wow!  Talk about a new family favorite.  All of us loved them.

Because I was out of baking mix, I Googled recipes to see how I could make my own.  After whipping up a batch of this mix, I used two cups of it, 1 cup of milk and 2 eggs to make the pancake batter for the apples.

My tip for the apples is to slice them as thin as you can.  The thin ones cooked best. The thicker slices were still quite good, they just required a little more force to cut into bite sizes.

We had leftovers! (A rarity around these parts!)  This one batch of pancake batter was a little more than what was needed for two sliced apples.

They were so good that we didn’t even need butter or syrup. We just ate them plain! The sweetness of the apple was the perfect complement to the warm pancake. Soooo yummy!

Try ’em!


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