What About Going to the Library?

One “field trip” that I didn’t mention in the previous post is our weekly trip to the library. Both of my boys are voracious readers. They go through books quickly. Which might explain why we visit the library so frequently.

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For now, they are allowed to check out as many fluff/fiction books as they like. I do give guidance on selecting books. They know some things are not really appropriate, and apparently I’ve done pretty well at establishing those boundaries. I’ve seen Woody place several books back onto the shelf after reading the back. When I ask him why he didn’t keep it, he says “It is totally inappropriate, Mom.”  Okay! Glad I taught you when I did!

In addition to their fluff books, I do have a couple of required genres they must borrow. I’ve found it has helped them to expand their horizons a bit, and occasionally spark an interest they didn’t know they had. After all, isn’t that the point of reading?

My requirements? At least one biography/autobiography book, and at least one non-fiction science or history book. That’s it.

I’m pretty sure my wanna-be paleontologist has checked out every book on dinosaurs at least once. But the other boy who isn’t so sure what his career goal might be, has learned from others who have written their stories, or about subjects that he is interested in. I am hoping those might be good stepping stones to help him figure out where he wants to go in life.


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