And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

This week we wrap up Week 23 of our curriculum for the school year. It seems like this school year is flying by faster than the others. Maybe its because I feel like I finally figured out what I am doing. Maybe its because we are really enjoying the Eastern Hemisphere Core from Sonlight.

Now that we are in the last quarter of this year’s curriculum, it is time evaluate our next steps. After much talk and prayer, Hubs and I still feel that homeschooling is the best option for our family. So, we make plans for the future.

And this is where I freak out. Have you seen the future?!? It is scary! So many unknowns. So much pressure. So many decisions to be made.

It seems that the choices made in the 8th grade can to set him up for success (or further challenges) in high school and beyond. Then we need to figure out when should he do Chemistry? What year would be best for Pre-Calculus? What foreign language to do? When???

Then to wonder…..does this mean the end of having Woody & Tigger do certain subjects together? {sigh} I hope not.

And then to wonder… much is all this gonna cost? {gulp}

It seems odd to me that I should ask my 12 year old what he wants to pursue for a lifelong career. I mean….he’s 12. He’s not sure what his favorite food is this week, let alone a career choice. For a lifetime.

Regardless of how ridiculous it seemed, I put on my “academic adviser” hat today. I quizzed Woody about what career choices he might enjoy. We discussed the educational requirements for each one, and generally set his course.


photo courtesy of picjumbo

So, here I sit mapping out a high school trek. High school. Let that sink in.   H i g h    s c h o o l .  My sweet little boy.  High school. I think I may faint.

We have a long way to go, but at our current pace, we’ll be on the other side of those mountains before I know it. But until then, as Robert Frost said, there are miles to go before I sleep.


What have been your biggest challenges regarding high school planning? 


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