I imagine most of you have seen the news story about the events last weekend in Waco.
Nine men lost their lives. Countless others were injured.

Photo by Peachy Weasel
photo courtesy of Peachy Weasel


As I read story after story, I couldn’t help but think.
Each of those men belonged to someone.
He was a son.
Maybe a brother, or an uncle, or a father.
Or husband.
Certainly, a friend.

Chances are, I would not have approved of their life choices.
Chances are, they wouldn’t have approved of mine either.
Does that even matter?
Does that make either of us any less valuable?

We are the same.
We are mean.
We are selfish.
We are timid.
We are stupid.
We are weak.
We are ugly.

We are different.
We are kind.
We are generous.
We are bold.
We are smart.
We are strong.
We are beautiful.


Maybe we should stop looking for reasons to alienate.

Maybe we should start seeing the reality – the humanity.


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1 thought on “Humanity”

  1. The more I’ve been reading about this event and other recent events, the thoughts you wrote here are the same I’ve had. Especially the question “does that make any of us less valuable?” Oh, it hurts to see people value money, pride, even sports, over the life of other people.

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